ART ‐ music, literature, painting, photography and theater ‐ has proven to be the catalyst that changes the way we view the world and the way the world views us; and it creates color, flavor, texture to the daily struggle of Belizean people.


We are a nonprofit/non-governmental collective management organization organized under the Companies Act of Belize, representing every kind of music, including traditional Garifuna, Kriol and Maya music, paranda, punta rock, brukdong, kungo… Read more about us.

Our members are individuals who make their living writing, performing, commercially exploiting and/or producing music.

When you use music in a public forum.



Vintage painting of the Original Turtleshell Band courtesy of BSCAP member Pen Cayetano (lead guitar, center).

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Our Culture: Our Values, Our Identity, Our Prosperity – We encourage all members living in (and outside of) Belize to participate in the on-going discussion about the National Cultural Policy by attending one of the many consultations held throughout the country, or by completing the survey online at

BSCAP’s stance is – Copyright and Culture go hand in hand; therefore, the Policy should address Copyright issues, specifically addressing how the protections afforded to all creators will be enforced.